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For Solution Providers

Total Ecosystem Value

AllThingsConnected Alliance Ecosystem brings together best-of-breed tools, technologies, and service providers that complement our expertise. These strategic partnerships are carefully evaluated and onboarded and are a critical component of our end to end DOSF framework.


We work closely with these partners to provide our customers with access to the capabilities most relevant to their needs, enabling and amplifying the total ecosystem value.

Our partner ecosystem is complemented by our IDEA Network (Industry Domain Expert & Advisor Network) spanning all sectors, functions lead by a dedicated AllThingsConnected team.

Partnerships are Key to Success.

Digital Transformation requires solutions sales approach vs box sales. IoT solutions are the integration of multiple technologies provided by various vendors. Partnerships enable IoT solution vendors to accelerate. They help overcome capability gaps and feature gaps in their solutions. They reduce time-to-market by leveraging partners’ existing resources and relationships. Go-to-market (GTM) is facilitated through a larger sales channel and greater coverage.

In order to develop strong partnerships, vendors must understand their own value and the total ecosystem value they can generate and leverage with other partners representing complementary technologies and industries.

Strategic partnerships vs reseller/distributor relations work well in IoT solutions as that enables multiple partners to bring their own value to create and amplify the total solution value increasing the chances of success and serving the end customer.

Build an Effective Partner Ecosystem.

Total ecosystem value is not about collecting logos as a list of partners, but driving and enabling a deeper engagement, commitment, and very focused efforts with strategic partners.

A partner ecosystem mapping is critical to driving towards success. This will help you know for which use-case, which technology & skills gap, and market who will be your ideal partner/s. Build effective partnership require not only understanding of their technical solutions and capabilities, but also their business strategy, roadmap, vision, and domain capabilities.












Partner with AllThingsConnected.

Our experts actively evaluate and map various solutions providers ranging from start-ups, scale-up, and corporations against their own values and capabilities. We apply our own proprietary multi-dimensional mapping method.  We enable total ecosystem value by orchestrating strategic partnerships within our ecosystem to help them leverage and scale each other. 

Our partners may be in similar domains but will bring unique complimentary values. We transform them from competition to collaboration.


How to Become a Partner?

If you would like to partner with us please write to us at We will reach out to you to arrange a whiteboarding session, providing you with ecosystem insights and also discuss potential collaboration opportunities with us.

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